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This publication has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union. Jelen könyv az Európai Unió társfinanszírozásával valósult meg.

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Jelen dokumentum az Európai Unió társfinanszírozásával valósult meg. Measurements from KACO FN proizvodnja el. Usporedba obnovljivih izvora za proizvodnju el. Preface At present we are experiencing explosive development in photovoltaic energy production. During the past one or two years the number of installed photovoltaic energy-generating modules has started to increase both in the developed and eco slim cine a slabit world and capacity installation projects indicate a continuation of the dynamic growth.

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Costs incurred by the production of solar modules decrease year on year and the reliability and efficiency of inverters are also constantly improving. From the point of view of energy management at the macro level, photovoltaic energy generation also has the advantage that a PV system makes electricity available when it is typically needed during daytime, in the summer season when air conditioning puts transmission networks under increasing load.

Possibilities for energy storage are also available e.

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Research and development relating to electric vehicles is likely to affect the development of new and more efficient types of accumulators in the future. Although technological development promotes the spread of energy storage, political and social will play an even more significant role in this process. The above facts may provide encouragement for the future since the surging growth rate of renewable energy exerts positive impact on our environment and provides assistance in our combating climate change, however, all this should be accompanied by a complex impact analysis of the dynamic increase in renewable energy sources.

Photovoltaic energy production implies not only technical-technological prerequisites and effects but also social, economic and environmental factors and effects which are at least just as important as the former ones, consequently it is inevitable to carry out interdisciplinary research in this field.

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The book introduces the synopsis of the joint work performed by two research workshops of different profiles, where we address the most significant parameters relating to the social, economic, environmental and regional impacts of photovoltaic systems.

The present, trilingual volume demonstrates the first findings that have emerged from complex, joint interdisciplinary research and represents a continuation of our volume entitled Napenergia és Környezet Photovoltaic Energy and Environment Varjú ed.

In view of the initial successes and research findings giving a reason for confidence, we intend to continue working after completing our EU-funded project. Introduction The European Union has recognised the enormous potential for development in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Photovoltaic systems, as a whole, are a new technology, which generates the need to eco slim cine a slabit them further.

Members of the Croatian project team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek have had the opportunity through study visits to Barcelona, as part of the ERASMUS programme to contact scientists working in the areas of renewable energy sources and energy electronics at the Centre for Technology Research and Development, Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

They were introduced to technical achievements in various fields, whereby special emphasis was placed on photovoltaic systems. The project with the acronym REG-PHOSYS is based 8 10 Regional impacts of different fogyókúrás por dm systems precisely on those kinds of experiences and research done by the project team members in the field of photovoltaic systems and energy electronics.

The Institute for Regional Studies from Pécs, CERS of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is due to its activities in the fields of economics and environmental protection a competent partner for the research of the social, technological and economic impacts of photovoltaic systems on the cross-border region.

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The overall objective of the project is to develop an optimal photovoltaic system configuration for the climate conditions of the cross-border region. Within the scope of the project, the impact of photovoltaic systems on the electrical power supply system, economy and environment will be investigated. Fogyás ludhiana common knowledge database about characteristic features significant for the application of photovoltaic systems will be developed and crossborder innovation network of research teams for development of photovoltaic systems will be established.

Furthermore, the photovoltaic system will be optimized for the climate conditions of the project impact area in terms of selecting a photovoltaic module build technology. Co-operation between scientific institutions and actors of the economy on both sides of the border interested in application of fogyhat a mellkasában systems will be enhanced. Location of the project in terms of research and development will be Osijek and Pécs.

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Location of project impact will be Eastern Croatia and Southern Hungary. The research team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek will use innovative methods in measuring and testing photovoltaic systems, so that academic community members active in the field of PV systems, as well as PV system designers, will be able get valuable data for PV system optimisation.

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Also, teams will be established for innovation research, as well as for future PV system development. An additional operational goal of the project is to set up and furnish a Laboratory for Renewable Energy Sources at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Osijek.

The direct target groups are undergraduate and graduate students of electrical engineering, who will, through laboratory and construction exercises, gain practical knowledge of photovoltaic systems.

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An indirect target group is members of scientific communities in the field of renewable energy sources, photovoltaic systems and PV system design in particular.

Also, additional indirect target groups are businesses and potential private investors who might be motivated to invest in PV equipment development based on the PV system measurements and optimization.

The book unifies and presents project research results in all of the three research segments: technical, economic and social.

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An introduction to solar energy, explaining the basic concepts required for the understanding of photovoltaic system operation, is followed by the measurement results, through which the technical characteristics of photovoltaic systems with regard to the climate elements of the cross-border region are presented.

An analysis of PV systems was carried out with regard to different manufacturing technologies of the photovoltaic cells, i. Measurements were performed for 5 different photovoltaic modules of crystalline and thin-film structure. According to PV system structure, measurements were done on the side of the supply grid connection, i.

AC side, and on the side of the photovoltaic modules, folpack fogyás. DC side. Based on the DC side measurements, a database was created for the purpose of evaluating the electrical power produced by the photovoltaic systems using different technologies.

For the purpose of estimating the power production, a photovoltaic emulator was used. A cost-benefit analysis shows the costs and benefits for different photovoltaic systems in the cross-border region. The cost-benefit analysis is indispensable in terms of determining the developmental priorities of photovoltaic systems, both for Croatia and Hungary.

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Supported 9 test karcsú tea Regional impacts of eco slim cine a slabit photovoltaic systems by the research of the environmental impact of photovoltaic systems, as well as of their social and economic impact on the region, guidelines have been provided for selecting an optimal photovoltaic system for the cross-border region.

The book identifies potential social impacts which can be generated from several factors, such as the advance of solar energy, more particularly, solar energy-related investments, the manner in which such investments are communicated and the interaction of individual actors involved. When reviewing environmental impacts, we also advert to the issues of land use and carbon-dioxide emission. While making a survey of the photovoltaic life-cycle, eco slim cine a slabit also take into account the waste resulting from PV panels and the recycling solutions applicable to photovoltaic modules.

Finally, we present a brief overview of where PV energy production is situated in the eco slim cine a slabit of rankings relative to other renewable energy-generating solutions and also give an insight into possible advantages and disadvantages attributed to PV systems.

Sun radiation energy The Sun energy is coming continuously to the Earth that is moving around it s axes eco slim cine a slabit around the Karcsúsító agy, therefore with daily and seasonal changes in Sun radiation on the Earth surface.

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Due to the mild eccentricity of Earth rotation around the Sun the solar constant variants approx. Figure 1 shows the declination and the annual motion of the Earth. Figure 1: Annual motion of the Earth about the sun Source: Kalogirou, There are however big problems in direct Sun radiation usage in electricity production using photovoltaic system.

Small density of energy flow, oscillation in radiation intensity during the day, month and the season, dependence on the climate conditions on one side combined with peak radiation intensity summer at noon not coincident to peak electricity consumption winter at evening with very expensive storage batteries resulted initially in high specific investment costs of photovoltaic systems compared to conventional fossil, nuclear, big hydro or even non-conventional wind, biomass, geothermal energy technologies.

Combined with small efficiency and power factor this resulted in high electricity costs. In Figure 2 world s energy consumption in comparison to all fossil resources and its annual solar energy potential is shown.

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The Sun s irradiation on Earth s is times higher than the World s energy consumption. Accumulated over one year, the energy of solar irradiance on Earth is much higher than all known fossil fuel resources Krauter, Figure 2: World s energy consumption in comparison to all fossil resources and its annual solar energy potential Source: Krauter Photovoltaic cell, module and array Photovoltaic effect PV means the direct conversion of short-wave solar irradiance sun light into electricity.

Sun light consists of photons particles containing different amounts of energy related to different wave lengths of solar eco slim cine a slabit. When photons hit the PV cells, initially and still dominantly a p-n layer of semiconductor based on crystalline silicon they can be reflected, pass directly through the cell or be absorbed in the cell.